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Nike Hyperdunk Youtubearsene wenger provides update on alexis sanchez injury A living room, bathroom, bedroom and than stack them on top of one another to form a dream house.Or they could do a shoe box farm or zoo, anything their imagination lets them.Alternatively if you don't have any shoe boxes, use a large sheet of paper, A2 or a few sheets of A4 stuck together, draw the outline of a house and then divide the house into rooms and stick pictures from catalogues of furnishings etc to create a paper dream house.Read MoreWhat's On for families?Another game you can play is blow the fish.Cut fish shapes out of newspaper then if you have a long hallway or even a wide space, put the paper fish on the ground at one end and then draw a line with chalk at the other end.The first child to blow their fish across the room and to the chalk line wins.5. Hand tracing art This is so simple, get your child to draw around their hand and then use colours to turn the hand shape into a work of art.If they want something a bit more messy they can make shapes out of their hand prints by dipping their hands in a water base paint and printing on to paper.Amazing mazes you can visit for a fun family day outClassic board games are a great way to kill timeYou can't beat a classic board game like Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders and also games like Guess Who, Jenga, Twister and Connect 4.7. Balloon tennis You need a blown up balloon, two paper plates and two ice lolly sticks. LOS ANGELES (AP) After two decades spent dazzling the world, Bryant will end his basketball career at home with the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night. He'll walk off the court in front of his devoted fans in the building where he hung five championship banners.He retires this week as the third leading scorer in league history. Nobody ever got to spend 20 seasons with one NBA team before the 37 year old Bryant, and he intends to thank Los Angeles with one last display of his transcendent talent."It means everything" to finish at home, Bryant said."I grew up a die hard Laker fan, so it's like a dream come true for a kid to grow up and play for his favorite team, and play here for 20 years, his entire career," he added. As a saleable icon, he remains confined to his national market and its diasporic extensions. No one in North America, continental Europe or East Asia is going to pay good money to put his name on a pair of trainers or sunglasses. Even within the cricket world, companies sponsor him specifically because they seek access to the South Asian, and in particular the Indian market..

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