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Make Your Own Nike Hatatomic kitten announce world tour to mark their 15th year anniversary A classic example of why coaches should not rush to bring players to Varsity too soon. All aspects of his game were not ready for Varsity when he was a soph. Osinski kept him on JV where he learned from another good coach in Parks. During its July 26 meeting, the board also instructed Joseph Muscatello, Boenning Scattergood managing director, to look into bond rates to help pay for about $1.1 million in transportation related spending and $5 million in pension obligations for the 2016 17 school year.Plum current elementary schools are K 6, with projected 2016 17 enrollment of 611 students at Holiday Park, 449 at Pivik, 449 at Center and 233 at Regency Park.Those Regency Park students are temporarily housed at the old Holiday Park Elementary building after plans to build a new Regency Park school were halted last year amid budget concerns from some board members.There are 596 students projected for Oblock and 1,256 for the high school in 2016 17.Sixth graders would move from the elementary schools to Oblock and the Regency students would move into the other elementary schools if the sixth grade Oblock addition project is approved.Closing the old Holiday Park building is expected to save the district $890,000 a year.The Oblock project may not begin until 2017 or 2018. It was unclear how many students would have to be moved.District officials were working with VEBH Architects for the past four to five months on a plan to improve the district education model.After several public meetings, the board narrowed 16 options to two: Build a new Regency Park school or add sixth grade to Oblock.Daniel Engen, VEBH principal, said the sixth grade project may cost a minimum of $10 million to $11 million.A majority of the board supported the Oblock addition at a committee of the whole meeting July 12.Board member Vicky Roessler supported the project at the July 12 meeting, but said following the July 26 meeting that she needed more information before making a final decision."I still waiting to see the financial forecast of the school district," Roessler said.Board member Sue Caldwell, who also supported the project, said state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale warned the board about taking on additional debt, and the district already has a $4 million deficit."I not totally sure this is the right option at this time," board member Steve Schlauch said. "When things improve a little bit maybe we can (add on to Oblock).

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