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Nike Hyperdunk Yearsarsene wenger launches withering attack on referee mike dean over controversial penalty But this is far from the first issue police have ever had here. Just down the block, multiple search warrants for multiple units were filed back in June of this year for the same apartment building, all of them for drugs. The occupants of at least one apartment where a drug sniffing K9 alerted to the smell of narcotics were wanted for questioning in a murder investigation.. Don't worry about Diamond Dave, though, because his latest scheme a tour that pairs him with Hagar, his Van Halen replacement is utterly irresistible. Suddenly, he's back on the press's A list: He's been quizzed by Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Howard Stern, and more, more, more. As a result, some of his favorite one liners like his claim that he's had more hits than Beethoven are getting a bit worn around the edges and have been omitted. WHEN: June 17 23. WHO: 156 PGA Tour players. PURSE: $1 million. As Dick's Sporting Goods prepares to open a Conklin distribution center its fifth in the nation on Jan. 2, the company said on Tuesday aggressive investments in operations will depress results next year.Chief executive Ed Stack warned earnings per share could drop by 20 percent next year atthe Pittsburgh based company, but the investments will place it in a better position to enhance its financial performance in 2019 and beyond.Despite the improved results promised over the long term, markets pushedDick's stock downward onWednesday by 3percent to $25.60. Over the past year, the company has lost 56percent ofits valueversus an 18 percent increase for the Standard Poor's 500.Dick's, much like other retailers, is suffering from consumers' flight to online purchases as shoppers become less dependent on the in store experience.However, Stack said on Tuesday that a new consumer focused approach and advancements in store technology will set up the company to emerge as a stronger retailer."We don't have stores that are losing money," Stack said,indicating that a mass of store closingsis not in the future.Putting pressureon results this year, he said, was a "competitive and promotional" retailing environment that may ease as excessive inventory cycles through the pipeline.Dick hopes to impress at Saturday open houseSame store sales, an indicator of retailer health, were down 0.9 percent, Stack said.Third quarter net income was $37million, 35cents a share, on sales of $1.94 billion, compared with net income of $49 million, 44 cents a share, on sales of $1.81 billion.At the end of the third quarter, Dick's had 852 stores nationwide operating under the names of Dick's Sporting Goods, GolfGalaxy and Field Stream and nearly 42 million square feet of retail space.Forthe first nine months of the year, the company reported net income of $207 million, $1.91 a share, on sales of $5.9 billion, compared with net income of $197 million, $1.75 a share, on sales of $5.4 billion.Golf and athletic wear werethe strong segments, Stack said, while hunting and electronics continue to be weak."We believe we are uniquely positioned in our industry," Stack said during an hour long call with analysts on Tuesday morning.When fully built out, the Dick's Conklin facility at 930,000 square feetwill have 21 acres, or slightly more than 16 football fields, under one roof.

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