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Nike Hatsathletes turn to politics for second career Now the company is trying to appeal to the millennial demographic by featuring artists and young people giving back to their communities in its ads. Keds is also running a design contest, and adopting a campaign Twitter hashtag. Really feel that what important to this consumer is to engage with a brand and experience it firsthand, Kohler told the Times.. The mutual respect fest between James and Irving (given their tenuous beginning together in 2014 15 when James rejoined the Cavs, we're not ready to declare it a love fest) continues. James usually marvels over Irving's emergence as a star at a young age, and for weeks (including Friday night) incorrectly states that Irving's only 23. He's 24.. In the mid 90s, CBS's handling of the NIKE child labor controversy in Vietnam, and their coverage (and government aided cover up) of the downed TWA plane, which crashed mid flight en route to Paris from New York, set the tone. Then there was the remarkable journey of The San Jose Mercury News' reporter whose own investigation revealed ties between the crack cocaine epidemic in the US and the American backed Contras during the Nicaraguan war in the 80s. The latter two instances were even more astounding as not only was media in the pockets of corporations (literally) but they were glaring examples of the American government's hand in using the media as an instrument where their version of "the truth" were to be conveyed. When Tebow strolled through a gym recently with a five man entourage for an EA Sports video game photo session, the polarizing figure drew stares from people and clicks from cell phone cameras. Toddlers jumped when he passed the day care center, nudging their noses against the windows. Even they seemed to recognize his appeal was something special.. "Here at EA SPORTS, we've always been about engaging with fans of our games and we're excited about the chance to do so in a new way with cyPOP. We're constantly evaluating where conversations are happening in social and the best way to be a part of them. By launching these new cafs, we're looking to incite a fresh place for our fans to interact and for us to be a part of those interactions." Christopher Erb, VP of Brand Marketing, EA Sports.. That is one reason to keep the Sanford name at the forefront. But two reasons make me want to push this immediately. One, new President Jere Morehead may be more open than our previous president. Who will we possibly alienate who doesn share the same values we do? Taking a stance doesn guarantee that everyone will agree with you even if the company and CMO think it the right thing to do. Brands will need to be prepared to handle scenarios where even the most positive messaging may be as interpreted as offensive or disingenuous. Cheeto skit may have been fictitious but it closer than they likely know in terms of how brands will wrestle with when they should stand for something or not or if so, how.

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