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Nike Factory Store Discountall 30 teams' nike strips rated and slated ahead of new 2017 It arguments like this that have some execs at the WNBA proposing tighter uniforms with shorter shorts. Unfortunately, there are few other ways that the WNBA could mimic women tennis to create productive change: playing WNBA games directly after NBA games would be unlikely to draw a bigger audience, and the league simply cannot afford to pay its players equal to NBA players. (BuzzFeed recently compiled a list of 52 NBA players who have higher salaries than all the players in the WNBA combined that doesn even count endorsement deals.). 2. Oil in focus: All eyes will be on OPEC oil ministers meeting on the sidelines of an energy forum in Algeria. The oil cartel is trying to build consensus for a production cut to support prices. Sir Howard Davies, the director of the London School of Economics, blogs on the Financial Times: There's an old saw, often used in government circles, that when it comes to public policy debates, if you're not at the table, you're certain to be on the menu. The bankers have learned that lesson this year. Their low key presence has itself achieved a high profile in the public prints. He is accurately and eloquently describing the mentality of the market; it's that mentality I'm arguing against. It simply strikes me as perverse to invest in a company which has become massively successful by following a clear strategy of making very few products very well, and then to complain that it is not making more and cheaper products."So what's Apple doing? Something, for sure. Apple has procured enough Sapphire Crystal furnaces to make one hundred to 200 million 5 inch iPhone displays. These kids are Michigan football. Calm down, geesh. There is such a thing as an appeal to tradition, which is not always logical. This is the love child of a road movie and a let's put on a show musical, a mixed breed format that provides a sense of structure and momentum within which almost anything goes. As the sociable gang of buffed and bronzed dancers makes its way in an old ice cream truck from Central Florida up through Georgia and South Carolina to compete at a stripping convention in Myrtle Beach, the film makes you feel that you're just hanging out with some raucous and funny guys, even as it's propelling the action along at a pretty good clip. So diverting is it that the absence of Matthew McConaughey, whose performance as club owner Dallas in the original played an important part in his career turnaround, is scarcely noticed.

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