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Nike Air Max 95 R5 sports hub show to be simulcast on comcast sportsnet cbs boston But Duval fell off a cliff as deep as the Grand Canyon. Duval slipped to 82nd on the money list in 2002, and then he just lost it. "I think when he won the Open Championship, he succeeded in a goal a lifetime goal and it wasn't all he thought it to be," Padraig Harrington said. SOMEONE famous once said shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. They also said time spent with good friends was too. Someone else said salt water heals everything. The leak and government confirmation came amid of flurry of comments by President Sarkozy this week designed to impress domestic opinion in France in the run up to the London summit. Officials from other G20 countries yesterday played down suggestions that President Sarkozy might walk out of the summit if it failed to take tough action on tax havens or international regulation of finance. Le Figaro reported yesterday that President Sarkozy had told a cabinet meeting in Paris two weeks ago that he would "get up and walk out" if insufficient progress was made. "All citizens should be protected."Some council members questioned whether the protections are needed. They said they don't believe the discrimination exists, and want to know if the city has received complaints under the current ordinance."How many cases do we have of the groups that are looking to be included into this anti discrimination ordinance on an annual basis? Council member Kenny Smith asked. "We get probably a dozen complaints a year in which folks allege they've been victims of fair housing discrimination or discrimination in terms of access to public accommodations."Mayor Roberts said the LGBT business community conducted a survey and found more than 150 incidents. It just not as much money."Wooten said playing dominoes is in his blood. He plays four hours a day, six days a week, with much of that time spent at the Green Duck Lounge at 25th Street and Prospect Avenue.But it not just the game he loves, it the gamesmanship."Even the guys on the sidelines watching the game, they just as colorful as the guys playing," Wooten said. "It so much fun."And it can be competitive. Longtime Rwandan leader up for re electionRwandan President Paul Kagame, who has held office since 2000, is likely to win re election Friday. Kagame, 59, assumed power in the aftermath of the mass killings of mostly Tutsi tribal members by Hutus in 1994, an ordeal depicted in the 2004 movie Hotel Rwanda. Under Kagame, the East African nation has seen rising employment and a boom in tourists coming to see the country's famed mountain gorillas.

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