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Nike Foamposite Pearlanna ford in secret bid to become chancellor of the world People will see a variety of sneakers that speak to interesting developments in society and culture."Names like Adidas and Nike, Reebok and Roos. Even a pair of Christian Louboutin sneakers and a pair designed by Kanye West, "The nostalgia factor is really high with this exhibition. Everybody walks through and there's a different shoe that speaks to them and you are transported back to your teenage years and it's different for everyone."The exhibit opened today, drawing crowds of all ages. Shoot the same thing with different focal length settings. This is the time to really play around.Photos work best when they have more than one storytelling element. In this case I was pretty bummed that the rain and fog were obscuring the Alaskan mountain range behind the glacier. Violence in any form, whether sanctioned by our government, running rampant in our streets, or hidden behind the closed doors of our homes, holds a mirror up to our faces. There is a dark shadow side to human nature that we ignore at our peril. That part of ourselves we are unwilling to see, is the part of ourselves out of which unconscious actions emerge. 2.) Mama Boy Sends Final Text As Tornado Approaches: A mother shares the final texts sent by her son, as he hid in his bathroom while an F 4 tornado hit their town. She was 20 miles away from him. One of the texts from him said mama. When Tajama Abraham played AAU basketball for Boo Williams' program in the early 1990s, she had no idea if college coaches were watching her, largely because she couldn't identify or even name college coaches. She simply loved playing."Now, I see kids looking into the stands to see who's watching them," said Abraham, now Tajama Ngongba and the head coach at Radford University. "It's a whole different world."Ngongba was one of dozens of women's college hoops coaches scattered all over the Peninsula this weekend for the Boo Williams Nike Invitational, a premier tournament that features players and teams from all over the country.Boo's annual shindig is a must for college coaches getting a line on next year's recruiting class and beyond. Heat coach Spoelstra said the key is how well they defend the pick and roll. He said trainers put him on six week plan Juwan Howard was replaced by Jamaal Magloire on the inactive list NBA TV's "Tuesday Fan Night" will feature the Heat against the Utah Jazz. The game will appear nationally on NBA TV, but locally on Sun Sports..

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