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Nike Free Run Dswadoptions needed after case of k He cautioned that the investigation is still in an early stage and officials need to interview at least two other families who may have witnessed the attack.Demings specifically said the child was "wading . Along the lake's edge at the time that the alligator attacked."Parents rush into water to save sonThe father suffered minor scratches on his hand trying to save his son.Demings said there is no record of similar incidents in the area.In Florida, alligators may be a common sight, but attacks are rare. If a human gets close to alligators, 99% of the time they take off, Corwin said.A handful of people witnessed the attack and supplied police with information. In the Design District (91 NE 40th St.), their narrative of opposition will transfix exhibitors, juxtaposing contradictory elements such as "beauty and the bizarre," using the designers' clothes to fuse with the artwork of Lombard and Chisholm. Celebrity fashion photographer, Miles Ladin, will be there to snap "on the spot" images of the installation, while graphic designer Peet Pienaar will contribute some out of this world graphics. In true Ozzy Osbourne fashion, the goth hardware and rosary clad emporium will offer some pretty sweet visuals of the brand's collection for this season along with a plethora of artwork by both established and emerging local artists. Left at bottom of the ramp. At fifth traffic light, left onto American Way. You are now in the center of the outlets. Winter is the perfect time to find yourself deeply enmeshed in a Far Cry. After the previous entry's sojourn in Africa, Ubisoft's Montreal branch brings us back to the franchise's original tropical island sandbox for a game that, shall we say, blows both previous entries out of the water. You play as Jason Brody, a frat ish adventure tourist who parachutes down for a party holiday, unaware that Rook Island is infested with modern day pirates. Fernandinho was speaking through a translator, which never makes for the easiest or most free flowing interview, while his English remains a work in progress. At times, if a one word answer would suffice, he was also more than content. Hence us both using 'why?'. "I think we don't have a history of being a basketball school, but I think we did some great things this year to prove we deserve it," said Jordan Bell, who had 13 points and seven rebounds. "I think we played one of our best games this year. Everybody, not just including me.

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